eBooks Library

We are proud to be an official partner of bookboon, the world largest eBook publisher within the area of educational books towards business professionals (with more than 75 million books worldwide per year). Bookboon’s eLibrary is the simplest and most effective solution for improving your employees’ personal effectiveness and soft skills.  It’s easy to setup and bookboon reaches a medium usage rate of 40% compared
to 10% for this market.


The classical hurdles for eLearning are simply no hurdles when working with bookboon…



What makes it such a strong library?

  • High quality eBooks of only 50 pages: perfect length, 2 hour learning experience, high quality content!
  • eLibrary of +600 ebooks. Relevant for everyone from the CEO, the Engineer, the assistant etc.
  • Main topic focus: business disciplines, personal development, Microsoft office.
  • Customization: we can customize the eLibrary and eBooks however you like. So if you want a certain book to match the visual identity of your company, we will take care of that.
  • No restrictions: download and read our eBooks anytime, anywhere.
  • High usability, high usage: our eLibrary with +600 eBooks is used +40% (industry benchmark 8-12%)


What are the advantages for your company?



What are the advantages for your employees ?



Don’t wait any longer and visit http://www.bookboon.com.  Or even better, call us on +32 (0)16 44 20 46, we will tell you everything you need to know on this amazing eLibrary in 10 minutes.