Performance Support & job aids

  • Are you training your people only before the roll-out of a new application? Do they have to find their own way once you go live ?
  • Is your IT Support contacted frequently with questions on topics that were explained in a recent classical training?
  • How was it again to set my out-of-office in the new version of Outlook?
  • Do you still have a manual on your desk in case you have to perform not so frequent actions in SAP?
  • Does anyone use the last instruction guide you have so consciously written ?
  • Does everyone read the emails of the IT department announcing this new nice feature in the corporate applications ? Or was it a waste of money again to buy this upgrade ?


Our e-learning and documentation building tool is an application from TTS.  This a German company that offers the tt performance suite which is a software that uniquely combines web-based training, documentation, online help and performance support.  With this tool you can produce high quality e-learning and interactive IT simulations at the press of a button. Fellow employees are able to navigate through business processes in complete confidence. With tt performance suite you can say goodbye to a whole bunch of standalone tools.

Watch  the video and find out how tt performance suite works:

Some facts:

  • More than 500 customers in over 20 countries
  • More than 6.000 authors
  • More than 4.500.000 users